Some charities can find it challenging to implement and build fundraising events and programmes, or get the most out of them, usually through lack of capacity in their hard working teams and despite increasing pressures on unrestricted income. Does this sound like your organisation? If so we’d like to speak to you! Do you know a charity that you’d like to fundraise for and could use some help to get the most out of it? We’d like to hear from you too

GreatCauses.Scot aims to provide that capacity, along with skills and systems to engage networks and stakeholders and encouragement to motivate teams to help with as little impact as possible. Our aim is to help to grow sustainable events that can support a charity year on year and to ensure the skills are in place to do this.

GreatCauses.Scot looks to maximise the fundraising potential of any event
GreatCauses.Scot aims to deliver results like this (an actual screen grab of a featured event!)

Here’s a selection of questions a curious charity might like to know the answer to:

Q. What does it cost?

A. As for most fundraising there is a percentage charge. This is based on the type of event and the level of help needed and we aim to work with little or no risk to the organisation.

Q. What is the motivation of GreatCauses.Scot?

A. We want to champion smaller, high quality Scottish charities that struggle to establish a programme of fundraising events and compete in higher profile events for the support of people in their community. We have worked for charities and know the challenges intimately and we’ve also worked with events that who are keen to support smaller charities.

Q. Does a charity need to have an idea for an event?

A. No, we will work with you on that or, if you’ve started something or have a fledgling idea, we can support that too. We’d be keen to have a chat and what might be a good fit and what scale might be appropriate. We would hope to start something that can grow typically on a yearly basis and in a sustainable way.

Q. What kind of events can GreatCauses.Scot help with?

A. Anything we think might capture the imagination of your organisation’s stakeholders and the general public. We have experience with traditional physical challenges, like fun runs and parachute jumps, running dinners and conferences, right through to pub quizzes. We are keen to establish a range of problem solving challenges as well to be inclusive of a wider range of people, like escape rooms.

Q. How do we get on board?

A. Use our contact form and tell us a little about your organisation. We’ll take it from there!